SF LORRY launch the TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (TMS) to improve your transport services experience!

SF Lorry has launched a new transportation management system, which is a significant step towards providing our customers with more efficient, reliable, and intelligent services.

Our company has been committed to improving the quality of service in the transportation industry and has achieved significant results in this regard. Our next-generation transportation management system will enhance our transportation efficiency and reduce costs by integrating various technologies.


The TMS offers several advantages, including:​​​​​​​

Order management: The system receives customer order requests through the website, app, or other channels and records order information in the system database. The system then sends out schedules to relevant personnel, improving transportation efficiency and reducing order errors.

Schedule plan: The system schedules and manages transportation vehicles, drivers, and goods based on transportation plans, ensuring timely delivery of goods to their destinations.

Real-time tracking: The system tracks the status of orders in real-time, allowing customers to stay updated on the progress of their orders. Internal personnel can also quickly access order status through the system.

Customer service: The system provides convenient customer services, including online booking, inquiries, and payments. Customers can conduct business operations anytime through the website, app, and other channels.

SF Lorry believes that this new transportation management system will establish our company's leading position in the industry and provide customers with an enhanced transportation experience. We will continue to strive for improvement in our services and technology to ensure that our customers receive the best service possible.